7 of the Best Views in Toronto

If there’s one thing our city doesn’t lack, it’s a great view. Whether you’re at the top of our tallest buildings or staring at the skyline from the water, Toronto looks good. That being said, since there are so many options there are definitely a few that stick out from the others.

If you appreciate a good view just as much as we do then we suggest you head to one or two of these Instagram-worthy spots ASAP.

CN Tower
It’s no surprise the view from the CN Tower is first on this list. It’s the tallest view in the city and if you dine at the rotating restaurant up top, you’ll get to see it from every angle.

Photo via Greg Knapp on Flickr

Canoe in the TD Building
This is the definition of getting what you pay for. Although this restaurant is an expensive bite, you get a stunning view of the city right from your table.

Photo via Navjot Singh on Flickr

Panorama Lounge
This is another place to look out at the city from way up high and dine at the same time. The 180 Panorama Lounge is really popular and gives you exactly what it sounds like – a panoramic view of Toronto.

Photo via Panorama Lounge Facebook Page

Polson Pier
If you’ve been to a show at the Sound Academy before, you know that the view from Polson Pier from right outside the venue is the place to snap a shot of our skyline.

Photo via Chris Brooker on Flickr

Gardiner Expressway
Although many people aren’t the biggest fan of the Gardiner, when you’re driving into the city (especially at sunset) our skyline looks like a million bucks.

Photo via Ian Muttoo on Flickr

Toronto Island
Whether you’re on the ferry on the way over or you’ve already arrived, looking back at the skyline from the Toronto Island gives you the full view of our city. It’s definitely a popular shot!

Photo via Anton Bielousov on Flickr

Rogers Centre
Looking out at a packed Rogers Centre during a Jays Game is one of our favourite views, but the dome has to be open of course. This is when having seats in the nosebleeds works in your favour.


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