Caissons & Excavation Make for a Steady Summer

Inside Activity-3July2015

Not too much has changed at our construction site over the last month or so, but work continues to go steadily and smoothly.

We do have some great news though – the perimeter caissons are now complete! This was a necessary step in making sure the ground and soil are sturdy enough to undergo the construction of our 5-level underground parking garage. All of the shoring that was done along the perimeter of the site will maintain the foundation wall. We’re really happy to see that this stage is complete.

E Elev-3July2015

Now that the perimeter is finished, workers can continue working on the interior structural caissons which began last month. This stage is necessary to make sure the soil and foundation at the bottom of the site is sound enough to build the condo on it.

Drilling Caisson-3July2015

Over the rest of the summer, if you’re walking by our Yonge and College construction site you’ll see the beginning stages of excavating/digging the big hole at the site. It’s a good time to pop by and take a look!

As always, we’ll continue sharing updates at our site and how well we’re progressing. If you’ve been by the site and have snapped any photos, feel free to share them with us on Twitter.

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