Connected Product of the Month: Buddy Smart Dog Collar


We’re kicking off a new series this month to get you all excited for what’s to come in our Canderel Digital Home! Since we’re fully incorporating smart home technology in our building, it should come as no surprise that we love finding innovative, cool connected products to gawk at. From now on every month we’ll be on the hunt for a smart product that catches our eye to feature on our blog and ultimately, put on our wish list.
Let’s kick it off with a fun one.

We recently came across the Buddy Smart Dog Collar and love everything about it. Currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, the idea came from Christopher Forcucci and his team at Squeaker who wanted to create a wearable for your pet that would better connect you with them.


Aesthetically, the collar is black and an LED rim. You can customize the LED light to any colour or colour combination you want, which is awesome, and it will also auto-adjust its brightness depending on time of day. Internally, the smart collar has a built-in GPS so that you can keep tabs on your pup throughout the day.

One function we thought was great was the geofence. Essentially, the owner can set up ‘boundaries’ that your dog must stay within – during the day, at the dog park, etc. – and if they go beyond that you’ll be notified through their app (which will be available for Android, iOS, and Apple Watches). The app also auto saves those geofences and will automatically activate it again if you’re in the geofenced area. Pretty cool right? If your pup happens to wander outside their geofence and you’re not with them, the collar will provide a step-by-step guide to whoever found them on how to return your pup to you. This could mean the end of ‘Missing Dog’ posters!

So what else does it do? Dog owners can input important dates and appointments through the app so that they get a reminder ahead of time. Also, when fully charged the collar will last between one and two weeks, and it’s waterproof! The only catch is that you’ll need a SIM card for the collar to function, but good news is it’s compatible with any provider.

What do you think? Would you use the Buddy Smart Dog Collar to be better connected to your pooch? Let us know on Twitter.

Photos via Buddy Smart Dog Collar by Squeaker Kickstarter page

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