Design Roundup: Stripe Spotting

You can’t go wrong with a great stripe. Whether it’s on your wall, a chair, or simply just a set of coasters, those vertical and horizontal lines make any space look good. The best part about using stripes to decorate is really their versatility when it comes to size, shape, and direction. Depending on what combination of those you choose, your place could have a more classic look or something more contemporary. It’s all in your hands!

A few noteworthy striped pieces have caught our eye recently that we definitely wouldn’t mind showing off in our place. Take a look:

Steven Allen Grog Vase – West Elm


Wythe Striped Dinner Plate – Ralph Lauren


Zigzag Stripe Baskets – Anthropologie
34477836_001_b (1)



Grassland Stripe Dining Chair – Anthropologie
34922252_018_b14 (1)


Hee Dining Chair – Hay

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