Fuel Up: Finding the Best Coffee in our Area

Every morning, thousands of Torontonians stop off at their favourite coffee shops all over the city to grab a cup of whatever gets them going for the day. For us, a classic cup of coffee is our not-so-guilty pleasure but we’re very picky about where it comes from – sorry Tim Horton’s, you just won’t do. Lucky for us, there are so many amazing coffee shops in our city that take pride in the cup of coffee they brew and we want to share our local favourites with you.

Balzac’s Coffee

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A coffee institution in Toronto, Balzac’s is one of the most well-known coffee shops in the city. They have 2 locations but we frequent the Distillery District location because it’s a great walk down on a gorgeous Saturday morning. See you there!

Jet Fuel Coffee


This Parliament Street staple has done good coffee since they opened in 1992. That’s over 20 years of coffee with a self-proclaimed attitude. If you’re looking for a delicious coffee without the overly jubilant barista, this is your spot.

Bull Dog Coffee

At Bull Dog, they take their coffee very seriously. Their award-winning owner and barista Stuart Ross has taken his cafe to a different level by perfecting his custom blend of coffee. Not only has he won awards, but the coffee has accumulated a few awards of its own which is how we know it’s a must-try.

Dineen Coffee Co.


Just a short walk south of our corner is an amazing (and stunning) coffee shop that has come to serve the coffee snobs of the neighbourhood – and rightfully so. Their coffee is delicious but they also have an amazing selection of pastries and specialty drinks in case you’re craving something sweet during the day. Not only are their offerings delicious, but the space is stylish and classic which makes for the perfect spot for your midday coffee break.

Fahrenheit Coffee


This shop, based at Richmond and Jarvis, is the spot for a great espresso. If you’re a coffee aficionado, check out Fahrenheit for a taste test with the owner of the cafe Sameer Mohamed.

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