Going Monochrome

Image via Urban Toronto

Image via Urban Toronto

When we saw the initial plans for our building, we knew that the black and white exterior would cause a stir. Not only have we not seen anything like it in Toronto, black and white architecture for a high-rise building is rare throughout the world. Although we don’t see it much in high-rise buildings, there are many low-rise and personal homes that have taken a monochromatic theme and applied it to perfection. Here are our favourite examples.

Tudor House 


Far before any of these other buildings were created, black and white architecture was the norm in Stratford-Upon-Avon in the 16th and 17th century. The buildings were called Tudor houses and still stand on their original wood frames.

Municipal Market Of Pinhal Novo


Located in Portugal, this relatively new Municipal Market is a community hub where the people of Pinhal Novo come to get their essentials. They’ve also added a post office, an advice bureau for micro and small businesses, the Pinhal Novo Youth Centre and a Citizen’s Services Centre to this building as a resource for the people living in the Portuguese town.

Colonia de los Angeles


This building is part of a residential complex in Madrid, Spain created by Joaquín Torres, head of the Spanish architecture firm A-cero.

709 Westbourne Drive


This residential home in West Hollywood, California was created by Bondanelli Design Group Inc. We love the yin yang look, we can only hope they have excellent feng shui!

Black & White House by Formwerkz Architects


This 12,000 square foot home is located in Singapore and was designed for the truly indulgent. With 6 bedrooms plus the maid’s quarters, 12 bathrooms, a gym, steam room, theater room, lounge with a bar, and an area to park six cars, anyone that lives here is bound to have great taste.

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