Holiday Shopping in the PATH


Well, we’ve found the secret to dodging the crowds for our holiday shopping! Even better news is we don’t have to walk very far or worry about getting lost in large crowd while trying to choose gifts for our friends and family. We’re really lucky to be in such close proximity to the Toronto PATH system, which is the underground pedestrian walkway/shopping mall that spans over 30 kilometres of the city.

Aside from being extremely convenient (and warm) to walk through during the winter, the PATH is filled with stores, most of which you’d be able to find in a regular mall. If you’re looking for a gift idea for your best friend, brother, boyfriend, secret santa, or whoever, we’ve got a few ideas that you could probably steal and pick up without having to brave the crowds at the Eaton Centre.yc condo-01


  1. You can never go wrong with gifting some tea! DavidsTea has a variety of gift boxes you can buy and this year their Holiday Collection is on our wish list. It includes three teas, a tea spoon, and tea bag filters.
  2. Fresh on the PATH scene is Greenhouse Juice Co. — they just opened a beautiful store in Commerce Court! If you’re looking for a gift for the health nut in your life, their cleanse is a great idea! It includes 8 of their products and would be the perfect detox for after the holidays. You can pre-purchase and the person on the receiving end can pick it up whenever they please.
  3. Grabbing a gift for someone who you don’t really know? A box of chocolates does the trick. Instead of heading to grocery store or drugstore to pick one up, you should splurge a bit at the Godiva store.
  4. A loofah and soap all-in-one! The Loofah Scrub Trio comes from WAXON WAXBAR which is a great salon to check out in itself. You can’t go wrong with giving bath products as a gift.
  5. The popular blog Humans of New York involves photos and interviews with complete strangers in the Big Apple. The founder of the blog, Brandon Stanton, recently turned some of his favourite shots into a book and it’s on our wish list this year. You can pick it up at Indigo Spirit in the PATH.
  6. Who doesn’t love a cute/clever/heartwarming card during the holidays? Typically sold at Indigo, there is an entire store dedicated to Papyrus cards in the PATH. We love their style and we promise you’ll find something perfect for anyone you’re sending a card to this year.

Cover photo by Steve Harris on Flickr

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