Hosting the Holidays at YC Condos


Who doesn’t love holiday parties? To be honest, living in a condo is a luxury for hosting parties because of the amenities that are offered, and it keeps the mess out of your place! Here at YC Condos, we’ve put a lot of effort into making sure our amenities are top-notch for our tenants as well as any guests they invite over to have a good time.

Our building has 17,400 square feet of amenity space, so you know there are a ton of options for where you can hold your party – you’re welcome! Our 7th and 64th floors are basically dedicated to amenities that all have a completely social, sophisticated, and elegant vibe.


Let’s start on the 7th floor. The lounge here is 9,310 square feet and includes a huge outdoor terrace that is 3,390 square feet, but we recommend keeping your party off the terrace during the winter since it will be chilly (but it’s a good place to keep the drinks cold!). The lounge includes two private dining rooms that lead onto the terrace with a barbeque, and inside there is a servery off of each dining room for food and drink prep and storage. The private dining rooms are perfect for a smaller dinner party, and you can definitely make use of the lounge before and after the main event. As an added bonus, you and your guests will have a great panoramic view of Yonge Street.


Moving on up to our Lounge64, this large social lounge area is on – you guessed it – the 64th floor of our building. If you’re planning on hosting a larger number of people, this is the place to do it. The lounge includes a ton of seating, a billiards room, a bar, and a dining room with a catering kitchen. It has everything you need to host a party! You’ll also have an amazing, sweeping view of the city looking south toward the lake and the Toronto skyline. You can’t beat it!


For this holiday season especially, decorations are a must. You can feel free to deck out the lounges as much as you please, and even consider bringing in a fake Christmas tree! Festive drinks are also a must, and these are some of our favourites. Since our amenities allow you to invite more people than would be able to fit in your condo, why not consider having an Ugly Christmas Sweater themed party too?

Bet you can’t wait to throw a Christmas party in your new home now!


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