Insider Update

We debuted our first construction photos two weeks ago but now we have some more information about our YC Condos progress. We spoke with Kerry Steer, the construction manager at YC Condos about what’s going on at the site right now and what we can look forward to over the next couple of months.

YC Condos: Demolition has begun at Yonge and Grenville for YC Condos. How long will this stage take?

Kerry Steer: We began demolition early in January and we’re estimating that this stage will take about a month. We’re hoping to have completed demo around the end of January.


YC: What’s the next stage after demolition is complete?

Kerry: Excavation is the next step once the demolition is completed. The underground parking garage will be 5 levels below ground level, so we’re planning to start the digging in February.

YC: Where do you see the construction process 6 months from now?


Kerry: When the weather starts warming up we’ll be installing the construction crane and proceeding with pouring the foundation of the building.

YC: What makes YC Condos unique, from a construction standpoint?

Kerry: Canderel is the first developer in Toronto to introduce a revolutionary infinity pool design on the 66th floor, making it one of the tallest indoor pools in the Western Hemisphere. Building the infinity pool will be a first in the city and will be one of the most exciting constructions stages of this building!


YC: What is the hardest part about building in an area like this?

Kerry: The funny thing about building in a highly sought-after area of the city is the hustle and bustle that people are looking for is exactly what creates challenges. The high traffic of a downtown neighbourhood like ours makes it difficult to carry out the plans of a 66-storey building but we will be working with the city to make sure that our process does not disrupt the Yonge and College hub. We will also minimize the impact that construction will have in the neighborhood by engaging the traffic management consultants and other city of Toronto consultants.

Thank you Kerry for taking the time to chat with us!

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