Let The Digging Begin!


Things couldn’t be better over at our construction site! We were finished demolition in just under a month and since then progress on the excavation and preparation for shoring has been moving steadily.

DSC_0542 DSC_0546

This next step is predicted to take about 6 months to complete, and it will involve digging deep enough for our 5-level parking garage to be built. If you’re passing by the site in the next few weeks you can expect to see lots of large machinery and concrete trucks working away. Once the excavation is complete, the YC Condos crane will be installed and we will then start building up! By then the weather will be a bit warmer for our workers over at Yonge and Grenville. We can’t wait.

If you haven’t already, go for a stroll down Yonge Street and take a peek at the progress we’ve made since starting construction back in the beginning of January. Feel free to share your photos with us on Twitter!



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