Little Plants, Big Condo: Why We Love Succulents

DeathtoStock_Objects4We’re all about the neutral, modern tones of home decor, but having some plants floating around can be the perfect pop of colour to make you forget you’re living in a concrete jungle. Since you probably don’t want to turn your place into a different kind of jungle (ie. going overboard on the greenery), we’re here to share our secret to decking your condo out in plants without you greenery taking over your space. Our theory comes down to one word: succulents.


Succulents have become really popular over the last few years. They’re cute, simple, and don’t require a lot of maintenance. They’re usually small, so you can put them almost anywhere: the bathroom, kitchen, home office, living room – you name it. You can even hang them from the ceiling, terrarium-style! DeathtoStock_CreativeSpace10

If you’re going to go the succulent/air plant route, then remember these 3 things:

1) They love sunlight, but not too much – so don’t put them right beside a window that gets a lot of direct sun.

2) Water more in the summer, and less in the winter. When it’s colder they don’t use as much water.

3) If they’re on the small side, it’s best to water them using a spray bottle so you can spritz them all over and into the soil.


If you pay attention to them, they’ll last much longer than most other plants! They’re the perfect way to give your condo multiple pops of colour and give it a more outdoorsy feel without going overboard.

So, think you’ll try it out?


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