May Update: Building the Foundation

 N Elev-22May2015 (1)

The YC Condos site continues to be very active. The excavation of what was the existing basement and foundation wall has been completed and we’re now continuing the shoring process on the site.

Shoring is important because it prevents the soil from collapsing as you excavate the site and dig the hole, which will make way for the building’s 5-level underground parking garage. Wondering how the actual process works? The construction workers use a large drill to dig deep into the ground (many times and tightly together) along the perimeter of the site to form a wall that will eventually maintain the foundation wall. The shoring wall is necessary because it prevents the soil from falling into the hole where the underground garage will be constructed.

NE Elev.-22May2015

Within the next month, construction workers will also start on the interior structural caisson, which is also part of the building’s foundation system. Rather than using concrete footings, interior structural caissons are used to ensure the foundation and soil’s strength (or capacity) at the bottom of the hole. Our team is looking to be at the bottom by early 2016.

Fun Fact: Once YC Condos is built and the structure is complete, the building will weigh a total of more than 60,000 tonnes. That’s more than 300 Blue Whales, to put it in perspective!

Drilling on Yonge and back of OddFelows-22May2015


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