Our Favourite Products from CES 2015

The Consumer Electronics Show took place in Las Vegas last week and brought with it some of the most mind-blowing products the world of technology has ever seen. Among other things, this year’s CES had a heavy focus on smart home technology, so it’s nice to see that we were ahead of the trend with our Canderel Digital Home!

Smart home or not, let’s take a look at some of the best products that came out of the CES this year:

Withings Activité Pop
Some people are saying this is the best fitness tracker on the market right now. Not only is it a wearable that actually fashionable, but the Activité Pop is great quality for a great price – only $150! It has bluetooth capabilities, is water resistant up to 100 feet in depth, has step tracking, run detection, and is controlled through an app on your smartphone. Have we mentioned it also looks great on? Withings has also said it will soon be able to track swimming and monitor your sleep. Very cool!

Witricity is a wireless charging station that uses a magnetic field to charge things through the air. The best part is, your device doesn’t even have to be touching the charging station to charge! It works through surfaces too, so it doesn’t have to be visible. At CES they were showing off this new technology and its power by charging an electric car on site! In the future they hope this technology will eliminate the need for cords in the home, and they want to put it under roads so that electric cars can charge while they’re driving.

Photo via witricity.com

Samsung 360 Degree Speaker
Our friends at Samsung have done it again! At CES this year they were showing of their brand new speaker system that should be released later this year. These egg-shaped speakers do exactly as the name states, deliver high quality sound from a 360 degree angle. At the show, Samsung also showed off a stand and handle which you can use to stand, hang, or carry the speaker in your house.

E Ink Prism
Imagine if you could change your wall colour with the touch of a button? This new digital film created by E Ink was created to stretch across large walls to create dynamic designs on walls. The colours are fully programmable (different colours and shapes) and don’t require a ton of power or energy. The key to Prism is their “bistable ink technology” which is found in the film used in Prism. Could we be saying goodbye to traditional wall painting soon? Maybe.

Photo via eink.com

Serenti Kitchen Cooki
Remember in Back to the Future II how they predicted a machine would exist that cooked your meals for you in 2015? Well, apparently the future is here. The Cooki is a “meal preparation robot” that makes your food for you. All you have to do is toss in the ingredients – it heats, stirs, adds portions at the correct time, and texts you when dinner is ready.

Bionic Bird
The Bionic Bird was first introduced through an Indiegogo campaign that quickly met its goal. They described it as the first “furtive drone” – aka. it travels through the air easily unnoticed, compared to other drones, since it looks bird. You control the Bionic Bird through an app on your smartphone. It can travel for about 10 minutes at an 100 meter range, and charges through a portable charging station that looks like an egg. Clever, right? In future years, they’re hoping to add tail control, stationary flight, and an HD video camera to the product that would bring a live feed of its view to your smartphone.

Photo via mybionicbird.com

Were you following CES this year? What were some of your favourite products? Let us know on Twitter!

Cover Photo via tomemrich on Flickr

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