Rut Be Gone: Getting Fit With ClassPass

Okay, friends. We’re here to make an official announcement. Spring is in the air! We’re leaving our groggy winter in the dust and moving on to anything and everything new. Winter can bring dreary routines and ruts, and we’ve found the perfect way to launch you right out of the rut. Welcome, ClassPass.


We were invited to check out a spin class at our favourite gym in the city, Hard Candy Fitness Toronto, and there they told us about what ClassPass is all about. Imagine having access to close to 100 gyms and studios across Toronto for just one price. That’s what ClassPass offers. If you’re a yogi, spin queen, cardio addict, or CrossFit champion, there’s something for you. For many people, the drawback to joining a single workout studio is the lack of variety. Many of them are expensive specialize in one or two types of workouts. That is the main advantage of ClassPass. For the price of membership to one studio, you get access to all of the participating studios in Toronto – how’s that for variety?


Along with Hard Candy Fitness Toronto and all of their amazing classes and that stunning facility, there is a total of 99 participating studios across Toronto. And when we say across the city we really mean it. You can find a workout at Polson Pier, in Mimico, all over downtown Toronto, and as far north as Richmond Hill. Wherever you are, you’ll find a participating studio. Members are allowed to visit each studio a maximum of 3 times per month.

ClassPass costs $99/month but they are offering an introductory rate of $89! If you commit to 3 months the price drops to$79/month and at 6 months you’ll only be paying $69/month. Will you be joining?

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