Your Up-Close Look at the Canderel Digital Home

In case you missed it, in July we announced that our developer Canderel would be partnering with True Marque and Samsung to build the first fully digital condo in Canada and, you guessed it, it’s our building! We’ll be fully equipped with smart home technology to make your living situation easier and of course smarter.

There’s quite a few components to the Canderel Digital “Smart” Home so we thought we’d break it down piece by piece so you can better understand the options, and also to get you excited on the many features that will make our building great!

An Inside Look at a Smart Technology Home

Door Lock
This is the feature that will come standard with every unit in the building. Every tenant will be able to unlock and lock their door using an app on their smartphone or tablet. The lock has the memory capacity of 20 different lock combinations, meaning you can give everyone from your dog walker to your best friend their own code. Also, you know all those times you leave your house wondering if you locked the front door or not? You can check remotely on your Samsung device now.

Smart Toronto Penthouse Homes

The rest of the Digital Home features come standard in all our penthouse suites, but are available throughout the entire building as an upgrade. Let’s take a look:

Touch Pad
Mounted on your wall, the touch pad will allow you to control all the other features in your unit (which you’re about to find out about!) really easily. The touch pad acts as a central means of controlling your unit, and you can also conveniently control everything using your smartphone or tablet as a remote.

Smart Homes Technology

Home Stereo
The home stereo system not only has great sound but it’s super sleek-looking too. You’ll be able to play your tunes and control the volume from across the room, right from your smartphone – a great perk if you’re entertaining.

Smart Homes Systems

Wireless Blinds
You’re laying in bed, about to go to sleep and you realize your blinds are still up. No one likes to wake up to bright sunlight, do they? You’ll be able to control your blinds at the touch of a button using your phone. Pretty awesome if you ask us!

Motion Sensor Lighting
The days of forgetting to turn your lights off when you leave a room is over because one of the upgrades available is motion sensor lighting. Not only is this super convenient but it saves energy too – yay for saving the environment!

Toronto Smart Penthouse Homes

Security Cameras
This allows you to see who’s coming in and out of your condo. You’ll have a clear view of who’s at your door and can easily unlock it to let them in with a few swipes on your phone. This is definitely one of the best security features of the smart home package.

TV Control
This one is fairly straightforward – your smart phone basically acts as your TV remote. Raise and lower the volume, press play, pause, and basically do anything you want on your TV using our designated app.

So there you have it! An up-close look at all the super cool smart home features that will make your friends and family jealous. Not only will they make your life easier, but they’ll increase your sense of security, access, communication and control, which are the most important aspects to consider when picking your home.

What’s your favourite feature of the Canderel Digital Home? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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