Spring is Here and the Digging Continues

It has been another steady and efficient month of construction over at our site. In our February update we mentioned that the site had been cleared and digging had begun. The entire process will take about 6 months, so we’re now a sixth of the way there!

Over the next few months the digging will continue to make way for the 5-level parking garage in our building. Now that the snow is clear, things are looking great at the site. We popped by the other day to check in and take some photos to share with you guys. Take a look.

Along st luke lane E. Elev.Inside activity 1 Inside activity 2 NE Elev.

If you’re passing by Yonge and Grenville and get the chance to snap some photos of construction, feel free to share them with us on Twitter!

Want to be a part of the YC Condos experience? We still have a few of our luxury penthouse suites and sky lofts available for purchase. If you’re interested, give our sales centre a call at (416) 969-1777 or come visit us at 717 Bay Street.

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