The End of Summer Update at YC Condos


With the end of summer approaching, it’s great to look back over the past season and see how much has been accomplished at our construction site. After seeing the overwhelmingly positive response to YC Condos at launch which has carried through to today, it’s clear that you’re all now waiting for the building to be completed and we want to keep you updated along the way.


All of the caisson drilling is now complete, and the construction team is starting to install the dewatering system.

Wondering what that means?  

The dewatering system manages any groundwater infiltration into the site in preparation for excavation. Once the system is installed, the site will be ready to dig! Construction workers will begin to dig down to the first level of tiebacks at the site, which will later be the first level of our underground garage.


As always, if you happen to walk past the Yonge & Grenville construction site this month, snap a photo or two and share it with us on Twitter.

It’s going to be a great fall!


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