Tips for Furnishing Your New Condo

© Graham Uden

The day you’ve been waiting for is here! After waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for your brand new condo, you’re finally tasked with turning the empty space into your own personal retreat. We know you’ve probably been devouring design magazines for the past year and trolling Apartment Therapy’s blog for inspiration, and you probably have a Pinterest board devoted solely to bathroom faucets.

But when it comes to making these inspiration boards and ideas a reality, what’s the best way to do it? By shopping local, of course. Our sister project Aura is almost done, and since we have great retailers like Marshall’s and Bed, Bath & Beyond on the first few floors of the building, we have some tips to get you from new condo to stylish home, whether you’re moving in tomorrow or you just bought a unit at YC:

 1. Start researching the moment you purchase – The great thing about buying pre-construction is you don’t have to decide on your colour palette, design style, or shopping list right when you buy. After you purchase your unit you have time to start combing through magazines, blogs, articles, and Pinterest photos to figure out whether your style is modern, classic, eclectic, or colourful.


2. Match your finishings to your style – Once you decide what look you’re going for, you’re in luck: you can work with our team to make sure your flooring, cabinets, and finishes all match that style. Will you go ultra-sleek with white cabinetry and black flooring? Or will you go more rustic and natural? Those finishes will help guide your style as you start shopping for your interiors.


3. Shop early, shop often – The great thing about Marshalls, which is a sister store to Canadian “designer for less” favourite Winners, is that they constantly get new stock. Literally every day there’s a new lampshade with your name on it making its way to the shelf. And their prices are typically well below the ticket price, so you can check back oh, 20 times over the next year and pick up a sale item every time you stop in. Oh also the Marshalls on the 3rd floor of Aura is 55,000 whopping square feet – so happy shopping!


4. Browse online – while Marshalls has great in-store deals, they don’t have an ecommerce site. So while you’re in your pyjamas on your laptop you can head over to another Aura retailer’s website, Bed Bath & Beyond. The best thing about ordering online? You can have the items delivered to the store (if your condo isn’t ready yet), and process returns in-store. (Not an online shopper? Head into the store to browse the 50,000 square feet of shelf space).

Whether you’re moving in tomorrow or in two years, we’ve got you covered when it comes to home decor. Still looking for that perfect new home? Register for YC Condos today!

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