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What would you do with an extra couple of hours in your day? Would you spend that extra time working, or hanging out with your kids? Would you use it to get fit, or maintain your relationships with loved ones? The great thing about having extra time is that you are the person who gets to choose what to do with it. Now, how do you gain a few extra hours in your day? By living in a space that can double as your working environment.

Toronto Condos

Cutting out the commute along with the time it takes to get ready (we know you did not wake up like that) could make for a longer and more productive day. But how do you find a space that’s conducive to both living and working? Well, it depends what you do. For an architect or engineer, people who have to build things, it might be hard to find a space in the city that suits your needs. But for many of us whose jobs require little more than a screen and computer, a condo with a den is just enough to cut your commute from 1 hour to 1 minute.

Toronto Condos as a workspace

A space that is great for living and working is also ideal for students. If you’re a night owl, you don’t have to worry about staying at the library past closing, or if you like to wake up and get work done, some breakfast in the study is the perfect way to start a day!

YC Condos and Aura are both right in the heart of Toronto

…so if you do ever need to head in to the office or hand in a paper, your boss or prof won’t be too far away. With U of T and Ryerson campuses all within a 10-15 minute walk from both buildings, students won’t have any added stress getting to school. Don’t forget, we’re also right at College station on the TTC, so living at Yonge and College means easy access to wherever you need to go!

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