Toronto’s opening up for Doors Open TO

Heading to Doors Open TO this weekend? Doors Open is an event that happens in cities across Ontario. The public is invited into buildings around  that they might not otherwise have access to, or buildings who want to teach them a bit more about what goes on inside. Its purpose is to bring attention to already built heritage, architecture, and design – so maybe one day we’ll be on the list!

This year will be the 16th time Toronto has participated in Doors Open. There are over 150 buildings participating this year, some of which fall into the event’s theme this year of Sports, Recreation, and Leisure (in lieu of the Pan Am Games), and we’ve got a few recommendations for which ones you should visit.

City Hall
Since Doors Open TO is produced by the City of Toronto, it’s no surprise that City Hall would be participating. There will be a few exhibitions going on there including a photo exhibit celebrating the 50th anniversary of Toronto’s City Hall, and another photo exhibit showcasing vintage images and information about Ontario’s sports facilities, which speaks to the event’s theme this year. Visitors will also be granted access to parts of the building usually closed off to the public, including Mayor John Tory’s office and the 27th floor observation deck.

Photo via The City of Toronto on Flickr


Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre
This century-old theatre (it turned 100 last year!) is just down the street from us and is a must-see. Not only is it beautiful inside, but it’s one of a kind as it’s the only double-decker theatre facility left in the world. Sections of the theatre that are usually closed off to the public will be open, and visitors are free to roam the facility and ask questions to staff as they go.

Photo via Canon in 2D on Flickr


TTC Greenwood Complex
Ever wondered where the subway cars go after hours? Cars on the Bloor-Danforth line head to the Greenwood Complex. It’s their 50th anniversary this year so the TTC thought, why not open it to the public? You’ll get to go behind-the-scenes and see where the cars are repaired, maintained, and housed.

Photo via Loozrboy on Flickr


Design Exchange
The Design Exchange, just like Doors Open TO, celebrates great design and architecture. The museum is actually located in the old Toronto Stock Exchange building, and the majority of the Doors Open experience will take place on the beautiful art deco trading floor.

Photo via Joseph Morris on Flickr


Redpath Sugar Refinery
This is arguably the sweetest building in Toronto. The building has been on the Toronto waterfront since 1958 and is used for the storage and refining of sugar, and there’s also a museum. It will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, after all, how often do you get to go to a sugar factory? Definitely a must-see!



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