YC Condominiums is the vision of Canderel, one of the largest and most sought after condominium builders in Canada, with more than 5,000 condominium units built or under construction and a further 1,200 in the planning stages.

Canderel is the developer of Aura, the tallest condominium in North America, as well as College Park I and II and Newport Beach, The Waterford and Waterford Towers, Massey Harris Lofts, DNA Condominiums, Tour Des Canadiens in Montreal, plus many other successful projects. Canderel has also been involved in the development of everything from downtown office towers to corporate business parks, hotels, resorts and residential projects.

Founded in 1975, Canderel was built upon a dedication to quality, and maintaining the highest standards in everything they do from residential, commercial and recreational real estate, to land assembly, design, construction, project management, leasing, financing and property management.

Once again, Canderel has applied their vision, experience and expertise to creating YC Condominiums, a stunning, new landmark in the heart of downtown Toronto.

For over 30 years Canderel, under the leadership of Jonathan Wener, has acquired, developed, managed or co-ventured a $5 billion+ portfolio comprising over 30 million square feet of prime residential and commercial real estate.

As Chairman, Mr. Wener provides a strong and seasoned blend of creative entrepreneurship and risk management – the two principal components of any successful building. He is joined by Berardo Graziani of Graziani + Corazza Architects who brings his award-winning design and production skills to the team.

Quality design and strong management and expertise have propelled Canderel to the forefront of Canadian real estate development. Without question, their crowning achievement is Aura – North America’s tallest condominium – and one which has raised the team.

Burdifilek is the creative strength behind many local and international retail flagships, hospitality projects, and real estate developments. A commercial interior design firm based in Toronto, Canada, the firm is recognized in the international design landscape as leaders in concept development. Having won over 100 awards throughout its 20 years of experience, Burdifilek has garnered best-in-class industry recognition for their clients.

Responsible for the creation, development and evolution of the design identity for many iconic brands, Burdifilek works with clients to continually evolve their unique concepts, exploring the depth of the brand to create a more refined client experience.

With YC Condominiums, Burdifilek is refining the urban lifestyle experience through design. Inspired by a discerning community of both local and international design-savvy buyers and investors to demand style and sophistication, Burdifilek drew inspiration from the major influential cities of the world.

Together this team has brought a classic undertone to the expressive style of YC Condos, transcending trends with true timeless elegance.

Tour Des Canadiens
The Residences of College Park
Phase I & II
The Waterford
& Waterford Towers